Why we love what we do


I'm Amanda Hannon and this is how I got started. Many years ago I bought a car magnet that simply said Love God Love People and I noticed something. It started to change the way I drove my car because I didn't want to cut people off with that magnet on my car or they would think I wasn't very Christian. I still speed I'm not perfect, but I try to think of others and be courteous.

Then one day I was in a Bible study and we were talking about whom we try to spread God's love to on a regular basis. Many people said family members and friends and I said I have a car magnet that says Love God Love People and I try to bring God to everyone (not in a pushy way though because I'm really a big introvert). This is how I came up with Faith Forward, I can sport a car magnet or a tee shirt that shows my Love for God and God's Values without even having to say a word. If someone is curious we can strike up a conversation but the shirt can be a spark to begin the interaction. We are here to spread God's Love and bring it to the world!